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    Jump on in and take a look around. Instead of boring you with my CV or a lengthy narrative of who I am, I will leave you with this list of adjectives shared by my friends and your experiences within. Creative Musician Cyclist Grounded Excited Confident Giving Secure Teacher Student Techie Nurse Mom Nerd Team Leader Team Player Optimistic Active Playful Loquacious Adventurous Challenging Insatiable

Online Student Success Ideas I Share with My Students

As the Online Technologies Coordinator at a community college, I often receive emails or office visits from students who have enrolled in an online class, but have no idea what to expect or what they may need to know to be successful. Aside from the obvious need of knowing how to navigate the LMS (learning … Continue reading

Excited About Mobile? Blackboard Is, and You Should Be Too!

Let’s face it; there are two types of cell phone users-those who have smart phones, and those who would carry mobile rotary dial phones if they could. The numbers of the luddites are dwindling quickly, however, and as the demand for mobility continues to increase, so will the demand for high-quality and easy-to-use mobile applications … Continue reading

What I Do When I Put the Keyboard Down

Those of you who know me personally are aware that technology is my M-F obsession, but that my weekend gig is as a pediatric ICU nurse and ECMO specialist. Yes, I really do work seven days a week! I have several reasons for working this much, but perhaps the most honest and accurate reason is that … Continue reading

Pencasts: Bringing the Whiteboard Lecture to Blackboard

Pencasting-the act of sharing uploaded handwritten pages and audio recordings as a single interactive file.  Pencasts are playable from the beginning like a video file, or a student can click on a specific area on the page to pick up with the lecture at that very point. Viewers also have the option to download the pencast as a … Continue reading

They Saved the Best for Last

I have always believed that higher education could learn a thing or two about student engagement from the K-12 world so I was pleased that a session simply titled “Developing Online Courses that Meet the Educational Needs of ALL Students” featuring a successful K-12 program was on the agenda. Before anyone in higher education gets … Continue reading

Three is a Magic Number

Three is a magic number, Yes it is, it’s a magic number. Somewhere in the ancient, mystic trinity You get three as a magic number. The past and the present and the future. Faith and Hope and Charity, The heart and the brain and the body Give you three as a magic number. IF you … Continue reading

Blackboard Asked ME

Blackboard sent an email a couple of weeks before the conference asking for volunteers to participate in one of their Research User Activities. I signed up for the Survey Reporting Activity, not really having any idea what I would be doing. Once I arrived I was greeted by Beth who explained that Blackboard wanted to … Continue reading

Engaging and Empowering: Today’s Keynote Address with Dr. Freeman Hrabowski

Remember the days when student orientation began with “look to the left, now look to the right, our goal is that all three of you graduate.” No? That wasn’t the speech you heard? Me neither, until today. Conference keynote speaker, Dr. Freeman Hrabowski took the stage with a dynamic and engaging message of responsibility, creativity, … Continue reading

Smarter Measure Measures Up

Lunch today was spent in the wonderful company of the folks from Smarter Measure. Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana (where I am from) has been using Smarter Measures for a while now, but the utilization and application of that data is not consistent among the 14 regions and their respective campuses…yet! We spent a … Continue reading

Plan YOUR BbWorld

I am often asked how I manage to keep everything in my life straight between having an extremely active teenage son, a M-F career, and another completely unrelated career on the weekends. My answer is simple…I stay organized by making strong use of my phone’s calendar. Literally, there are days I wake too groggy and … Continue reading


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